In 1999, Dr. Harlianna Harijanto started her first private practice focusing only on skin care consultations. After more than a decade of handful experiences and supported by a team of certified doctors and aestheticians, HAR Derma Solution’s first skin center was established in the West Jakarta neighborhood in 2012. Since then, our clinic has become one of the most well-respected skin centers in Jakarta.

HAR Derma Solution stands for Health, Aging, and Rejuvenation Derma Solution. With that philosophy behind our brand, we offer a unique practice incorporating the highest developed medical and cosmetic technology with other key medical disciplines to the extent of excellence in service. Every product in HAR Derma Solution is formulated with scientifically proven ingredients and created using an advance technology overseen by our expert team of doctors and scientists.


At HAR Derma Solution, we pride ourselves in growing and developing every individual’s dream of having a beautiful healthy skin. Our measures will be,

  • Providing every client with the utmost advanced and innovated dermatology treatments tailored to each individual’s skin condition.
  • Putting customer satisfaction as our top priority by giving highest standard of care to each patient and customer.
  • Giving the certainty and assurance that every treatment is done only by the highly skilled and certified dermatologists and aestheticians.
  • Upholding the integrity and values of the company in the workforce environment.
  • Maintaining a good relationship with our valued customers by providing a comfortable, warm, and friendly environment in our clinic.


Our vision is to be Indonesian’s first skin center in providing trusted skin care solutions while helping people to live with confidence.


Our corporate values are basically divided into 6 principles,
  • Safety and excellence
  • Innovation and advancement
  • Integrity
  • Superior customer service
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment to employees


At HAR Derma Solution, we understand that most individuals are both physically and personally concern when seeking our treatments. With distinguished approach in handling every client, any concerns related to acne, scarring, sun damaged, wrinkles, and even unwanted blemishes that could physically impact your self-image, can be rectified. Our caring and compassionate team of doctors and aestheticians will work together to create a personalized HAR Derma Solution program that will put you right on path to achieve your best look and enable you to live with confidence.

Our professional dermatologist team of doctors and highly trained aestheticians will firstly evaluate specific needs and provide each client with a tailored comprehensive program to help them achieve their goals of having a beautiful and healthy-looking face and body. We carefully incorporate any innovated technology that will offer our clients the safest and minimum pain procedures aiming for the best long term results.

Last but not least, we always prioritize the safety and hygiene in our clinic. As we valued our customer more than anything, we mainly focus on using disposable equipments for certain treatments while for the non-disposable equipments, everything will be sterilized through internationally accepted autoclave sterilization method. This measure is taken to give health assurance for everyone involved in our treatment; free from any contagious diseases like HIV and AIDS.